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My primary goal for the 2016 convention is to shorten the banquet. To that end, we are making a few changes.

One is that John Snyder, who has been working with chairman Earl Krause on the Hall of Fame committee, will do all of the HoF introductions. He will briefly highlight the inductee’s career, after which the inductee will receive their statue and make their remarks.

We obviously do not know yet who the inductees will be, but if it turns out that someone you nominated is elected, please encourage them to limit their remarks. A season by season review of their career is not good form.


We would also ask members not to request an opportunity to present “special” awards outside our traditional award lineup or to make remarks after being presented contest awards. We will welcome, of course, the usual brief remarks by the winners of the Lane, Hunter, Saxton and other major awards.

We have considered presenting some of the awards at lunch or breakfast but feel that each award winner deserves the recognition inherent with accepting their award at the NASCAR Hall of Fame dinner. The exception will be for awards going to non-members. We have, for example, given out Driver of the Year awards earlier in the day when a driver had another evening commitment and will do so again this year if possible.

Everyone’s cooperation in moving the event along to a checkered flag
at a reasonable hour will be greatly appreciated.


I recently reached an agreement with Firestone Racing for sponsorship of

the hospitality area at the upcoming EMPA convention. Firestone joins our

other valued convention and contest sponsors and, as always, we urge

members to express their appreciation when you interact with Lisa Boggs

or others from Firestone as well as the sponsors of our other activities.

Until next time.....

Ron Hedger

American Honda Motor Company
Webmaster: Robin Ervin-Robinervin1@comcast.net
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Scenes from past EMPA conventions

Al Robinson during the 2013 EMPA Convention awarded the Spirit of the Sport award.